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What is a Wrap Around weight?

The wrap around weights are long fabric weights that are weighted with steel shot. These weights fit either the wrist or ankle and can be used in a number of different ways. They are fastened with velcro, fully adjustable, and fit snugly on any wrist or ankle circumference from 12 to 24cm. The Wrap Around Weights can be useful for people with Parkinson's, an Essential tremor, stroke patients, and other conditions that might cause the hand to shake involuntarily.  

Wrap Around Weights can also be used to improve focus and awareness in individuals with Autism or for those who might have incurred a head injury. 

The Wrap Around Weights are designed to:

(1) Help reduce tremor in the wrist and hand and to help increase stability in the hand or wrist during fine motor skilled activities such as writing, food preparation, or craft and hobbies.

(2) Give pressure to the wrist to raise awareness of the hand and it's position and placement to enable user to carry out fine motor activities.

(3)  Strengthening where the arm, hand or wrist is particularly weak, or has low muscle tone

(4) Give proprioceptive input where weight is required to improve balance

(5) wrap around the ankle for awareness and strengthening in the legs.

The Wrap Around Weights are sold in pairs and are available in 100g, 200g and 300g, or purchase the entire set (a pair of each weight) and save!

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