Slope Board Funding Rationale

Slope Boards help make life better

The use of a slope board while sitting at a desk helps improve the lives of people with low core muscle tone, poor balance and posture, those requiring rehabilitation. A Slope Board:

  • Promotes better sitting posture, reducing muscle fatigue. Being able to sit still and balance better increases concentration and enables the user to focus on reading and writing and drawing tasks
  • Allows improved shoulder and elbow positioning
  • Encourages wrist extension when writing, increasing pencil/pen control
  • Allows for more fluid and great range of motion in the wrist and hand while writing
  • Enables improvement of handwriting
  • Reduces fatigue in the hand, arms and shoulders, allowing for better handwriting for increased amounts of time.
  • The clip at the top of the slope board increases paper stability to enable better writing or drawing
  • Using a slope board for reading improves visual tracking. Reading on an incline reduces eye strain, making it easier to scan written text. It also helps brings the paper closer to the person

 Slope Boards are an additional support

  • Specifically designed for people who have difficulties with seated reading and writing activities

 Slope Boards are reasonable and cost effective

  • When individuals are able to sit and engage in tasks longer, it reduces the need for constant monitoring and support for an individual
  • They are a safe device that can used as required by the individual
  • Slope Boards are lightweight, portable, easy to use, and robust
  • Slope Boards are a cost-effective solution as their use eliminates the need for additional furniture

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