Rationalising the need for Equipment

In any arrangement where funding is required, it is necessary to show that the equipment is needed, and that it will be put to good use for the benefit of an individual. In order to demonstrate this, the equipment needs to fulfill four criteria:

(1) That the equipment will help make life better

Explaining how the equipment or tool required for purchase will help maintain or make life better and contribute to meeting an individual's goals/targets or aspirations. These goals and aspirations may be identified in a personalised plan.

(2) That the equipment is a disability support

A disability support is an additional cost beyond what is considered to be usual from an individual's income.  

(3) That the equipment is reasonable and cost effective

The equipment needs to be clearly linked to the individual's disability. The cost is within market rates. Cost effectiveness relates to monetary value in relation to life benefits and outcomes (both short and long term).

(4) That the equipment is not subject to an exclusion

Individualised funding is not to be used for equipment that is funded by the government.

Equipment Rationales

Below are some equipment rationales that could be useful for applications and reports for funding purposes. 

Chewable Devices Funding Rationale

Weighted Blanket Funding Rationale

Weighted Animals Funding Rationale

Inflatable/Dynamic Seating Cushion Rationale

Physio Roll/Ball Funding Rationale

Slope Board Funding Rationale

Therapy Swing Funding Rationale

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